Welcome to Mentally Magnificent Blog! 

This is a space where I will discuss mental health awareness and education. In this space, there will be thoughts to ponder and explore. As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I am often approached with the infamous statement, “you have a hard job”. The fact is, how I serve is very rewarding!. Because there is an element of stigma and lack of education in communities, particularly black communities, there is an abundance of opportunity to expand the awareness of many in my community and for humanity! 

A little background on me: I have worked in the field of nursing for 21 years and the last 3 years of that time have been in advanced practice in the area of psychiatry. 

 I was raised in a middle-class family. My family, like many, had its share of dysfunction that set the foundation of my perceptions and how I would approach the world outside of my home. I have had a family with mental illness, family impacted from that mental illness, friends who developed mental illness, my walk with depression and anxiety, and have found my way through it all. It was these circumstances that may have appeared as a struggle but were the catalyst to my growth.

I am a vehicle to turning stigma into awareness

I am that person who can help one realize their healing power 

I am that person who will give perspectives to ponder as it pertains to our mental well-being 

I desire that the person reading will be open to the possibilities for transformation in their own life. So join me on this journey of education and self-exploration of coming to know the self more: to understand where medicine may have its role but where you, just maybe, have all the power.