Changing the Past and the Future

Trauma has the ability to traverse generations, much like a curse. Through learned behaviors passed down through the years, both in terms of cultural influences and even genetically, trauma can manifest itself in subsequent generations. Studies have shown that an ancestor’s trauma can be inherited and affect descendants even two or three generations later. These experiences have the capacity to alter DNA structure, subsequently passing down these changes to our children.

What brings encouragement is the realization that just as we can transform our own pain, we have the ability to break the cycle. By creating new environments and addressing our own healing, we can modify the structure and composition of our brains, leading to changes in our DNA. In turn, we can pass down healthier DNA structures to future generations.

There lies hope in the struggles our ancestors endured. As we embark on our own journey of healing, we not only transform the pain for those who came before us but also pave a brighter path for those who will come after us.


I have worked in the field of nursing for 21 years and the last 3 years of that time have been in advanced practice in the area of psychiatry.

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Changing the Past and the Future