A Moment of Reflection

My journey to focus on the brighter side of life has not been without its challenges. I remember a time when a friend said to me, “Crystal, sometimes people just want to feel bad.” This statement left me in a quandary. There I was, a natural optimist, always looking for the silver lining, yet confronted with the reality that not everyone shared this perspective. Should I dim my light to sit in the shadows with others, or should I continue to embrace my innate positivity?

Embracing My True Self

This moment was a turning point for me. I realized that while empathy is crucial, it’s equally important to remain true to oneself. Choosing to see the glass half full was not just a habit for me; it was a part of who I am. So, I chose me. I chose to maintain my positivity, understanding that it’s not about ignoring the darkness, but about bringing light into it.

Rosemary: A Symbol of Remembrance and Focus

On this journey, I found an ally in the herb rosemary. Traditionally a symbol of remembrance, rosemary also became a symbol of my commitment to focus on the positive. With its properties that aid in concentration and mental clarity, it served as a natural reminder to stay true to my path of positivity.

Living a Life of Positive Focus
  • Awareness and Acceptance: I learned to be aware of the emotional climates around me, accepting that not everyone would be on the same page, and that’s okay.
  • Conscious Choice: Every day, I make a conscious choice to focus on the positive. This doesn’t mean ignoring negative emotions but acknowledging them and then redirecting my focus.
  • Incorporating Rosemary: Just as rosemary helps in retaining focus, I use it to remind myself of my commitment to positivity. Whether it’s a cup of rosemary tea or its scent in my workspace, it keeps me centered.
  • Empathy with Boundaries: I’ve learned to empathize with others’ feelings without letting their negativity overshadow my inherent optimism.
Conclusion: Staying True to My Light

This personal story is a testament to the power of choosing your emotional focus. While it’s important to acknowledge and empathize with the range of emotions in ourselves and others, it’s equally vital to stay true to our essence. For me, it’s about being that beacon of positivity, not just for myself but for those around me who may be searching for a ray of light in their own storms.

Stay mentally magnificent, and remember, your focus shapes your emotional sky.