Talking, it’s a form of communication: a way of expression. Most communication occurs with two or more people. There are all forms of communication such as verbal and nonverbal, however, the most important communication is that inner conversation with yourself. If we are in a moment of rambling or not making sense to the person on the receiving end, we may hear them respond “do you hear yourself talking?”. While not in this context, this question can be very important and telling to where we are or why we are where we are (a bit of a tongue twister).

Everyone has an inner dialogue.

Everyone has an inner dialogue. A running story that plays and molds our perception of the outer world and how we are perceived in the outer world. This narrative we have of ourselves is heavily influenced by childhood experiences; it controls the energy we carry as well as our engagement with others.

If there has been a history where a young boy’s father decided not to be in his life, this may be the start of the young boy creating the story of not being valuable. If that same boy had a father who was present but condescending, it can implant in his mind the thought of not being good enough. This inner dialogue not only shapes how we think, but the story continues to develop from these gut-punching experiences. So, the same young boy who perceived the father’s actions as him not being good enough may struggle in his adult life. He may process not getting the job as a huge form of rejection. Circumstances where one can be very triggering and stagnating for a person to reach their full self and potential.

The story we tell ourselves shapes our perception of life. If this is the case, is there a benefit in going back, not to change our story- events are real- but altering what we tell ourselves about the story? Changing how we connect to the story can be liberating; it gives a level of control back to the individual. It may be difficult to do this but, the practice of rewriting your personal story, talking to the younger self, and helping them to know how strong they were and how they did what they could to protect you at that time can be validating… reaffirming…healing. Yes, I AM talking to you: encouraging you to talk to the younger you and rewrite the story.