Plants come in many different forms and have had various uses in societies. Besides parents telling their young ones to “Eat your vegetables”, plants have many benefits that they don’t get credit for in human life. Different living elements in life are dependent on one another. Without trees, for example, we would not survive as they release oxygen vital to human survival. Trees depend on the carbon dioxide that we exhale.  It is a beautiful thing if I say so myself! If we look even deeper at what plants offer, it’s impressive. Though much of the medicinal benefits of plants had been suppressed, many of their ways of offering remedies are being acknowledged again! Plants have an essence that can benefit the human mind, body, and spirit. It is fascinating that, often, plants are communicating their nature in how they grow or where they grow. St Johns Wart, for example, is a bright yellow flower that seems to stand tall. I see this as communicating a bright and sunny disposition. St Johns Wart, in turn, is known for its benefit with mood and improving depression and anxiety. Interesting connection huh!  Learning about different plants and the spirit of that plant can be eye-opening.  It seems one can experience the spirit of that plant through its use just as one can receive nutritive benefits through its minerals. Be it that it seems no other area of the body displays the spiritual state more than in the psychiatric area of the body, learning the spiritual benefits of plants can be an avenue to explore when dealing with the wellbeing of the mental state. Though plants are not the only avenue to repairing the spirit in a chaotic world, it is certainly an ally that can help the process. So, besides eating your fruits and vegetables, get to know them a bit more intimately!