While life can be hard enough to navigate independently, we may often find ourselves leaning on other well-respected and experienced individuals to act as our guides during our times of need.

What is a Guide?

A guide can come in many forms, such as mentorship, role models, advisors in a certain area, and more. Overall, a guide is someone who assists, advises, and even educates you throughout your life.

The guidance given can be targeted towards career or educational choices, big life changes, and dealing with past experiences, such as healing from trauma. The person who serves as a guide to you in your life can contribute new perspectives and advise you based upon their own experiences and areas of expertise.

In addition to their relevant experiences, they may also have a network of additional resources that can be beneficial to you at some point. Most importantly, the guide will listen to you. They will listen to your worries, past experiences, aspirations, and goals. It is because of this that they will always keep your best interests in mind.

While a guide should always support you, they should also challenge you, make you reflect on things, and encourage you to think critically when solving a problem or making a decision. They are also tasked with holding you accountable and assessing your growth and progress throughout the relationship. Although selecting the right person to serve as a guide for you can be challenging or even scary, this relationship should feel comfortable and natural, not forced or negative. The person best suited to guide you could be a family member or an old boss whom you used to work for.

Sometimes guides are not found in the most conventional ways. Sometimes guides are the people you least expect them to be. Your guide could be that teacher or professor who taught you years ago or just someone you know from your church or local community center.

Nonetheless, having a guide in your life could help improve many aspects of your life. It can be hard to figure things out alone, and having someone to lean on for guidance, support, information, resources, and more, whether they are older, male, female, etc., can make things a little more manageable.

One day, you too could be a guide in someone else’s life.

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