When I first developed Mentally Magnificent, I was drawn to the butterfly as a logo. At first, it was simply because of the fondness I have always had for butterflies. As I reflected more, however, there was a life process I noticed the butterfly navigates through. I think it is inspiring how the divine gives us lessons through other beings. Let us explore the life cycle of the butterfly and how it compares to phases of our transformation?

Butterflies have four cycles in their life and, although their cycle Is much shorter than human life, the lesson is quite powerful! 

The Egg- Butterflies start as an egg and hatch into a caterpillar. As humans, we are conceived and birthed into a “new world” from our mother’s womb. In this phase of our life, we are completely dependent on the people around us, particularly our mother, to nurture and care for our well-being. Though this is ideal, some of us start without the fundamental nurturing infants require. Thus, our life journeys take off from here. 

The Caterpillar- In this stage, is a large portion of what occurs is the consumption of nutrients for growth for the caterpillar to be strong enough for changes and transitions in the future. In human life, we are still dependent on those assigned to care for us. Depending on the state of the people caring for us will determine how, or if, we are nourished. This stage of our life does determine the level of strength we have as we continue to proceed into our future as well. This is a stage where trauma often occurs and, often, influences how we deal with future circumstances. 

The Pupa- In this stage, the caterpillar goes into an inward growth often referred to as a cocoon. This is where they develop into a beautiful butterfly. There are no outside influences at this stage- it’s an internal process. Similarly, this is a stage of spiritual growth for us in our lives. Often, many of us have been met with many challenges that are impacting our forward movement. Everyone does not take on the journey of growth, but when we do, it requires going within to get in touch with our spirit. We go inward to heal from the traumas, the misperceptions, the false identities to get to the source of who we are. 

The Butterfly- The butterfly presents beautiful, light, free, and connected to the present.  As we go through spiritual transformation, we come out on the other side, beautiful, bright, we shine with our light- our unique light. The circumstances of the past were the catalyst to get us to this beautiful place, so no circumstances were in vain. 

Spiritual transformation is a gift we all have the option of experiencing. This transformation can be healing to all parts of us- mind, body, and spirit!