Welcome to September!! This month, I am excited to focus on herbs and how they may support our emotional states by supporting mood, promoting calmness, and promoting restful sleep.

The first time I experienced the amazement of herbs in my life, it was for heavy menstrual cycles I was having due to uterine fibroids. For ten years I had blood transfusions and procedures to manage, yet the issues continued and persisted. I participated in a 21-day fast and, during that time, I did a consult to address herbs and I was amazed at what difference they made. I was in awe as I had been dealing with that issue for so long!

From this, I became fascinated with how diet and herbs can impact the body for the better. Working in psychiatry, it was only a matter of time before my curiosity would turn to how herbs may help with mental health. During my herbal classes and apprenticeships, I was amazed, again, at how much herbs helped my mental health personally.

This month I would like to focus on this area to learn and be open to the possibilities of herbs.