We are approaching our 1-year anniversary next month! I set out, with Mentally Magnificent to approach mental health to bring awareness and decrease stigma. In this past year. I have covered many topics and addressed some misconceptions. This is necessary and important in debunking the myths that keep many of us from achieving a more quality state of mental health. 

As Mentally Magnificent moves forward, it is apparent to focus in on more specific dynamics of mental health. For me, there are elements in many patients I have seen, people in my community I have witnessed, and several family members I have learned about that speak to my heart. 

Emotional childhood trauma is a condition I notice in all aspects of my life (career, community, family). The amount of people impacted by this trauma is not minor. It concerns me but, more importantly, touches my heart. I have experienced this type of trauma and noticed how much it impacted my life so I empathize and understand how challenging these dynamics can make it to move forward in life. 

Whether it’s verbal abuse, domestic abuse, neglect, or emotional trauma has left many of us in a state of stagnation, fear, doubt, insecurity, and sadness. My mission will be to be a vehicle for healing as you make the courageous decision to address this part of you to live your life more abundantly.