Some people are described as having BIG hearts. They are thought to be giving, self-sacrificing, patient, and empathetic. 

There are those who are thought to be “cold hearted”. These people are seen as being apathetic, blunt, disconnected, and harmful.

The tender hearted can be known to be easily moved to love, pity, or sorrow. They are compassionate.

Aching hearts, associated with sadness, emotional pain or distress, grief and anguish, is a feeling any of the above can experience. Some would say people who are cold hearted have experienced heart ache leading to their way of being. People with big hearts can experience more heart ache than others, and the tender hearted can experience heartache due to how deeply the feel. 

Soothing the aching heart can take time. Sometimes it’s going through the grieving process if it is the result of loss. Other times there is reconciliation waiting other the other side of the aching heart. Forgiveness toward other people can help let go and move forward in one’s own life. Forgiveness toward self can take away guilt and regret. 

Most people will experience heartache. It is a part of life. The ability to flow through it by being patient with self but also intentional to move forward in life can bring a healthy balance.

When have you experienced an aching heart?  Were there ways you coped through that heartache in the past that was helpful/harmful?  Healthy coping strategies that have been helpful in the past, can be options to consider in the future. It is equally as important to notice coping techniques that may have been harmful as these should be avoided. 

If you have not developed any coping strategies, consider the following:

  • -Allow yourself time to grieve 
  • -Verbalize your needs
  • -Surround yourself with self-help tools including books and podcast
  • -Take time in nature
  • -Find support groups or professional help if necessary