Day in and Day out, decisions are being made and we are deemed the decision makers. Regardless of if these decisions are conscious or unconscious, we are the ones making choices that impact people, circumstances and, without a doubt, our own personal state of being. Even the, seemingly, smallest decisions are causing movement of some form and impact of some kind. Small choices are gradually leading to an ultimate affect and large choices bring about more immediate effects. Either way, it is evident our choices have impact. 

Choices are impactful to those around us and also to us! There is no way around how our choices will show up in our life. The choices we make to help other people or the world, impact our being.

Choices we make to harm other people or circumstances also show up in our body in one way or another. Knowing the decisions we make, will ultimately come back to us, is a motivational factor to choose in ways that are honoring to self.  When we choose in ways that are loving to self, we ultimately show love to those around us.

Who are we to be? We are to be loving but to truly be able to love things outside of ourselves, we first must know how to love within self. This brings love full circle. To love self, what do you need to say no to today? What is a long awaited yes you can offer to yourself? To say no to somethings can be saying an automatic yes to self. Likewise, to say yes to loving self is to say no to those unloving behaviors or people. It’s full circle and starts from within. 

What are we to do? We are to love ourselves from within. When we are full of love, it trickles out and overflows to the beauty we will not be able to help but see as we view the world with new eyes… New loving eyes